Our Story

"With the stress sometimes caused by the daily routine, we need something that help us relax, calm down, a reminder that let us connect with the earth, so our thoughts can stay in our mind and not fly everywhere, because the best way to achieve our goals is always through a focused mind."
Silvanus was created in the middle of a stressful and chaotic moment for the world, when everybody needed some sort of peace and comfort to go through the bad episodes that were happening in 2020.  That is how two young entrepreneurs, Alexander and Maria, came out with an idea to help people reconnect with themselves through the only source that is infinite: the nature.
They created small community of nature lovers that chose the best pieces of natural stones and with a small inventory of bracelets, they started spreading the spirit of Silvanus to the community. Little by little, Silvanus’ spirit became more and more knowand that’s when our founders knew it was time to spread Silvanus to a bigger market. 
Today, the community that they created keeps spreading its love for nature, and its main goal is still helping others to find themselves through the amazing beauty of natureHowever, now with more than four countries (Germany, India, United States, Japan, and Brasilinvolved in the careful selection of stones and production of every piece, Silvanus is more committed than ever to provide the best quality of products to its customers. 
And not only that, but the brand is also happy to announce that its love for nature has allowed its collaboration with amazing organizations that share with the community the same passion for nature and are big source of support behind the cause of every product: "give animals' nature a better tomorrow"