Brand Ambassador Perks

We value every single one of our brand ambassadors and our biggest goal is to make sure they receive the same love that they share for our brand. As a Silvanus ambassador, you will enjoy amazing perks.

Free Products

The best ambassadors of the month get to receive free Silvanus bracelets.

Great Discounts

Your own 20% discount code and referral code for your followers, family and friends.

VIP Giveaways

Ambassadors have the chance to participate in special giveaways.

Sneak peeks

As an ambassador, you will have the opportunity to see or even buy a collection before we officially launch it.

Grow your audience

Ambassadors get featured on Silvanus social media and can grow their audience.

10% commission

Ambassadors receive 10% commission every time others use your referral code to buy a product.


1. Apply to our super-simple Brand Ambassador application.

2. Share with everybody a picture with your new bracelet in your social media with your referral code.

3. Connect with us on Instagram and Facebook.

Our Ambassadors say

I love connecting with other ambassadors and share what I know. Silvanus is one of my favorite brands. The spirit of the community is so powerful. I enjoy being an ambassador. 

Miguel Loro

This is the first time I become an ambassador of a brand and I couldn't be happier. Silvanus is a brand full of surprises. I love the style of the bracelets and all the benefits they give me.

Esteban Shwarz

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