Black Quartz

Black Quartz

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The Black Quartz, is really somewhere between clear and white with black spots. The black coloration comes from small inclusions of Hematite and carbon. This crystal is known for its ability to expand consciousness, cleanse the aura and provide strong protection against negative energy and psychic infiltration.


  • natural black quartz
  • Bead Width: 10, 8, 6 MM
*The color of the crystal may vary due to its natural origin. Shade and color variations are inherent in crystals. Our crystals and stones are one-of-a-kind.


Wrist Circumference           Centimeters          Inches

 Small                                  17cm-18cm         6.70 in

Medium                               19cm-21cm          7.87 in

Large                                   22cm-24cm         9.05 in

*Leave us a note if you need a specific size. Our bracelets are made to fit you perfectly.

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